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Luminato training course for VARs' technicians in Budapest

As part of Teleste´s Partner Programme, VBS Global Support organized a 3 days Luminato certification training course for VARs' technicians in Budapest, 28.2. – 1.3.2012.

The event was organized in cooperation with HFC Technics, Teleste´s long standing partner in Hungary that kindly gave their excellent training facilities at our disposal.

The 12 course attendants came mainly from the CEE countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary), but we also had a pleasure to welcome some participants from Sweden and Denmark. Thanks to the professional guidance of Teleste´s instructors Jussi-Pekka Viiri and Anders Theodorsen, this certification course turned out to be a success. The majority of the participants expressed their intent to attend the advanced level Luminato training. We have scheduled advanced level Luminato training courses for VARs at the end of May 2012 in Finland and during the autumn 2012 in the CEE region..

We would like to thank the trainees for their active participation to the training.


2012-03-23 - www.teleste.com

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