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DVB-T2 and DVB-C receiver modules available for Teleste Luminato

We are very happy to introduce the new Luminato DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C receiver modules. Both modules are generally available and orders can be placed immediately with delivery in September. With these new modules Luminato will get even more versatile and fit to new type of applications.

The DVB-C reception will add capability to receive content from cable TV broadcasts and pick the desired channels to be included in channel bouquet formed in Luminato. Another application example is to use the DVB-C module for receiving ingested multiplexes and converting them to IP streams for enabling easy service quality monitoring.

The new DVB-T/T2 module enables Luminato to attack emerging market for high definition terrestrial broadcast.

The new modules are:

  • LRT-B    Dual DVB-T/T2 receiver with 2 descrambling slots
  • LRC-A    Dual DVB-C receiver with 2 descrambling slots

Highlights of the new modules
•    Multiple services per receiver – high efficiency, lower investments
•    Embedded security – services can’t be accessed in unprotected format
•    Hot swap as standard – swap the module and the configurations remain unchanged
•    DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C reception
•    Advanced transport stream processing
•    Demultiplexing from MPTS to SPTS
•    PID remapping and filtering
•    PSI/SI pass-through or regeneration
•    Service follow up, service ID remapping, stream type filtering, SID follow up and service information
•    Automatic/manual PSI-SI table generation
•    2 Standard CA-module slots
•    Multicast and unicast streaming
•    MPEG transport stream over UDP/IP or RTP/UDP/IP streaming
•    SPTS and MPTS streaming (CBR or VBR)
•    MPTS pass-through

2011-08-26 - www.teleste.com

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