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ARRIS CM600 USB-Powered Cable Modem

The CM600 is a cigarette-carton-sized D2.0 cable modem that runs off USB powe.  It is meant to hook late-adopters to a MSO’s data service in the hopes of creating new subscribers out of non-data / dial-up / DSL homes. 

The idea is that the MSO would buy a bunch of CM600’s and then strategically mail them to homes in their footprint (let’s say to video-only subscribers, for example).  In this case, the MSO knows that the home has a RF connector and could easily try out the CM600 for a quick (and possibly free) connection to the internet for a pre-determined period.  Then, say after 30 days, the MSO contacts the newly provisioned CM600 user to interview them on their experience and to see if they’d like to continue service or upgrade to a better data product (Ethernet-based D2.0 or full D3.0).  


Technical details:


  • Full DOCSIS 2.0 / EuroDOCSIS 2.0 support
  • Compact design (approx 3.8” x 2.2” x 1.1”)
  • Support for IPv6 CM address (TS 6.1)
  • Support for IPv6 CPE address (TS 6.3)
  • Powered by the USB host port – No PSU
  • High-speed data via USB 1.1 interface (12Mbps)
  • Tunes up to 1002 Mhz w/ embedded MoCA filter
  • Individual packaging for mail/postal distribution to potential subscribers (target non data subs)
  • Simple troubleshooting (single LED, webpage, temporary DHCP service, etc.)

Samples Available – late March 2011
General Availability – June 2011


2011-04-27 -

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