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Luminato gains the upper hand with a major software release

Teleste is delighted to announce the availability of the new Luminato software release 3.3. This release introduces a number of major new improvements which enhance the functionality of the Luminato device to meet the requirements of even the most demanding headend operators. 

Special attention has been given to ensure more reliable system operation through new redundancy features in addition to the existing ones, with faster configuration and increased IP output flexibility.

The new level of reliability

    * Stream redundancy
          o Protection against discontinuity failures when receiving signals i.e. problems external to the Luminato device (disconnected signal sources, network disruptions and headend hardware failures)
          o The Luminato device can switch automatically to a secondary signal source if the signal is not available from the primary source
    * 1+1 redundancy
          o Fully automated solution to ensure the most reliable service delivery
          o Two mirrored Luminato devices are connected via a monitoring heartbeat and, if the primary Luminato device fails, the secondary device will take over automatically, based on settings configured by an administrator
    * Recovery from all redundancy incidents can be set to be fully automated, meaning that as soon as the problem is fixed and acknowledged, the configuration returns to its previous state.

Configuration fast lane

      Command Line Interface (CLI)
            Fast and reliable editing of Luminato configuration is especially handy when repeating configuration tasks and is user-friendly for professional data network appliance users
            CLI provides an easy tool for extracting full Luminato configuration as a text file, making it easy to modify, copy and store


World-class stream processing

      New configuration modes for IP video payload ports
            Increased flexibility to fully utilize the 2 Gbps capacity of the two Luminato GE ports
            The ports can be freely configured to stream convergent content, utilizing mirrored ports, or function separately with divergent content
      Multiplex IP streaming
            Increased transparency to multiplexed DVB-C and COFDM content by enabled usage of IP stream analyzers or even freeware tools like VLC and TSReader
            SPTS streams can be multiplexed to a MPTS stream in QAM and COFDM modules and streamed out as multicast via GE ports
      Ghost PID (unreferred PID) pass-through
            The Ghost PID pass-through feature enables support for a wider selection of conditional access systems making Luminato even more transparent to a scrambling system
            Some conditional access sytems (for example, Nagravision Merlin) use unreferred PID for delivering information on scrambling.

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2010-12-17 - www.teleste.com

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